Nano-Material Manipulation and Structural Order Control with Optical Forces



[Administrative Group]
Nano-Material Manipulation and Structural Order Control with Optical Forces
Head InvestigatorHajime ISHIHARAOsaka Prefecture University
Co-InvestigatorKeiji SASAKIHokkaido University
Co-InvestigatorHiromi OKAMOTOInstitute for Molecular Science
Co-InvestigatorTakashige OMATSUChiba University
Co-InvestigatorSeiji AKITAOsaka Prefecture University
Co-InvestigatorSatoyuki KAWANOOsaka University
Co-InvestigatorKei MURAKOSHIHokkaido University
Co-InvestigatorYasuhiro SUGAWARAOsaka University
Co-InvestigatorMasaaki ASHIDAOsaka University
Co-InvestigatorYasuyuki TSUBOIOsaka City University
Co-InvestigatorTsukasa TORIMOTONagoya University
Review Group
ReviewerTadashi ITOHOsaka University
ReviewerKazue KURIHARATohoku University
ReviewerToyohiko YATAGAIUtsunomiya University
AdvisorKikuo CHOToyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute
AdvisorSatoshi KAWATAOsaka University
AdvisorHiroshi MASUHARANational Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
AdvisorArao NAKAMURANagoya Industrial Science Research Institute
AdvisorToshio YANAGIDAOsaka University
International ReviewerKishan DholakiaUniversuty of St. Andrews, UK
International ReviewerJohan HofkensKU Leuven, Belgium
International ReviewerJuan Jose SaenzUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
International ReviewerPavel ZemanekAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
[A01] Basics of optical forces:
Theories, metrologies, and observations of optical forces for establishing basics of optical manipulation
Principal-InvestigatorHajime ISHIHARAOsaka Prefecture University
Co-InvestigatorSatoyuki KAWANOOsaka University
Co-InvestigatorYasuhiro SUGAWARAOsaka University
Co-InvestigatorSeiji AKITAOsaka Prefecture University
Co-InvestigatorChie HOSOKAWAOsaka City University
[A02] Creation of optical forces:
Developing new manipulation methods utilizing the resonant linear and nonlinear optical responses of matter systems
Principal-Investigator Hiromi OKAMOTOInstitute for Molecular Science
Co-InvestigatorMasaaki ASHIDAOsaka University
Co-InvestigatorSyoji ITOOsaka University
Co-InvestigatorMitsutaka KUMAKURAUniversity of Fukui
Co-InvestigatorSatoru SHOJIThe University of Electro-Communications
[A03] Ultimate scheme of optical forces:
Manipulation of single molecules on the nanometer scale by utilizing localized electric field, and the operation over macroscopic regions
Principal-Investigator Keiji SASAKIHokkaido University
Co-InvestigatorKei MURAKOSHIHokkaido University
Co-InvestigatorRyuji MORITAHokkaido University
Co-InvestigatorTsuyoshi FUKAMINATOKumamoto University
[A04] Exploitation of optical forces:
Creation of superstructures and new phenomena by the design of optical forces
Principal-Investigator Takashige OMATSUChiba University
Co-InvestigatorYasuyuki TSUBOIOsaka City University
Co-InvestigatorTeruki SUGIYAMANara Institute of Science and Technology
Co-InvestigatorTakuya IIDAOsaka Prefecture University
Co-InvestigatorTsukasa TORIMOTONagoya University
Publicly Offered Research
Optically-actuated micromachine to measure optical force on a single quantum dot
Principal-Investigator Yoshito Y. TANAKAThe University of Tokyo
Intelligent nanomechanical systems for optical force measurement
Principal-Investigator Reo KOMETANI The University of Tokyo
Fluctuation measurement and reaction control of nanomaterials under optical pressure
Principal-InvestigatorYoshio NISHIYAMAKanazawa University
Establishment of single molecule near field optical tweezer and creation of light-functional molecular arrangement
Principal-InvestigatorHiroshi IMADARIKEN
Environmentally induced chiral optical force on nano particles
Principal-Investigator Mark SADGROVETokyo University of Science
Optical tweezers beyond its physical limitations
Principal-Investigator Tadao SUGIURASojo University
Spatial and temporal control of optical forces using coupled plasmonic nanostructures
Principal-Investigator Kosei UENOHokkaido University
Optical manipulation of single DNA molecules in nanofluidic devices
Principal-Investigator Yan XUOsaka Prefecture University
High-speed optical collection of exosomes using gold nanoparticles and its application to rapid diagnosis of cancer
Principal-Investigator Takashi KANETAOkayama University
Formation and utilization of liquid/liquid interface in optically levitated single droplets in air
Principal-Investigator Shoji ISHIZUKAHiroshima University
Giant orientation structure of nanosheet induced by optical force through the two-dimensional anisotropy and optical manipulation of functional nanosheet
Principal-Investigator Yasutaka SUZUKIYamaguchi University
Manipulation of nano-structures with hydrostatic pressures and optical forces
Principal-Investigator Masayoshi NISHIYAMAKindai University
Publicly Offered Research [2017-2018]